Transfer from ECC Mental Health Assistant

Transfer Guidance sheet for Erie Community College Mental Health Assistant students who want to complete a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Services at Hilbert College.

To transfer, the ECC course must be worth a minimum of 3 credits and grade must be a C or better.  

 Hilbert College B.A. Human Services  ECC Course Equivalents
 General Requirements  
 COM151 Publice Speaking  EN 410/EN 411
 EN 101 College Writing  EN 110
 EN102 Writing in the Humanities  EN 111
 GS 101 Foundations Seminar

 GS 111 or Honors course

 If transfering in >30 credits may use any liberal art elective

 PS 402  Junior Symposium  
 General Education Core Modules  
 General Education Elective  Any course listed in other General Education categories
 Intercultural Awareness  AN 102/HI 106/HI 107/EN 230/EN 235/EN 510/GP 105, SLA 111 or any foriegn language
 Interdisciplinary Studies  EN 280/SS 213/SO203/GO 103
 Literature and Arts  CA 280/CA998/EN285 or any MU/DA/FR/SP/DT/AT/PY/EN
 Math  Any math above 100 level
 Moral Reasoning  PY 105/PY110/PY111/PY115
 Political Science/History/Geography  Any GO/GP/HI
 Religious Studies  PY 104/EN 296
 Science  Any natural science
 SO 101 Introduction to Sociology  SO 100
 General Electives Liberal Arts  
 Elective  SA100, AC 211, or liberal arts elective
 Elective  SA 102 or liberal arts elective
 Elective (Upper Level)  not transferable from ECC
 General Electives  
 Elective  SA 104, 106, 112, 114
 Elective (Upper Level)  not transferable from ECC
 Courses in Major  
 Lower Level  
 HS 101 Intro to Human Services  SA 110 
 HS/RH 203 Intro to Counseling  AC 213 

 HS/SO 205 Interpersonal Communication & Effectiveness

 AC 214
 HS/RH 210 Human Service Methods  AC 215 
 Upper Level  
 HS 308 Group work in Human Services not transferable from ECC 
 HS/RH 310 Human Service Ethics not transferable from ECC 
 HS 311 Organization, Policy, Practice in Human Services  not transferable from ECC
 HS/RH 360 Internship I  SA 116 & SA 117   OR    AC 217 & AC 218
 HS/RH 460 Senior Internship II  not transferable from ECC
 HS/RH Senior Seminar   not transferable from ECC
 Electives in Major  
 Lower level elective  SA 104, 106, 110, 114 of select from SA 120 - 126 Special Needs
 Upper level Social Science elective  not transferable from ECC
 Upper level Social Science elective  not transferable from ECC
Upper level Social Science elective not transferable from ECC