Health Insurance

As a Hilbert student, you may sign up for health insurance through a plan provided by Hilbert College and the Allen J. Flood Company or maintain your own personal health insurance. The plan we offer entitles you to basic services for treatment of illnesses, injuries or other health-related issues.

There is comprehensive material including claim forms, a brochure, Ids, etc.  available on the Allen J. Flood website at After reaching the site, select "Hilbert College" from the drop down menu.

All students are encouraged to carry either personal health insurance or the one offered by Hilbert.

INSURANCE IS MANDATORY FOR : Student-athletes and resident students. They are required to show proof of personal health insurance prior to moving into the residence halls.

Questions about the Insurance information from Hilbert can be directed to the Office of Student Life on the first floor of Franciscan Hall, call 649-7900, ext. 230, or e-mail us.

For additional information on the policy offered to Hilbert students, click here.