Services & Courses

Escort Service
Campus safety offers on-campus escorts to members of the Hilbert community who may feel uneasy about walking alone on campus property. Any student, faculty member or staff may request an escort by calling campus safety at 479-1233 or from any of the emergency phones.

Safety Courses
Safety courses are taught by certified and authorized campus safety officers in:

  • Crime prevention
  • CPR/first aid - infant/child CPR, adult CPR, professional rescuer CPR, standard first aid, and workplace safety courses.

To learn more about these courses, contact campus safety at 479-1233 or e-mail us.

Lost or Found Something

If you lost an item (keys, backpack, eyeglasses, etc.) on campus, stop by campus safety in the maintenance building or call 479-1233 to see if it has been turned in. Found items may be brought to the campus safety office.