About Campus Ministry

About Campus MinistryHilbert Campus Ministry offers students of all faiths a variety of opportunities for building relationships, faith development and enrichment, pastoral and spiritual counseling, on-and-off campus programs, discussions, community outreach, faith sharing, and worship. Cultural and religious diversity are valued and celebrated with interfaith and ecumenical events and services. Opportunities are also available for students and staff to recharge and regroup during a one day or weekend retreat consisting of sharing, reflection, relaxation, and fun. Retreats are held in a setting that celebrates God's bountiful creation.

In the Franciscan spirit and tradition, campus ministry seeks to nurture an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality within the campus community.  Eight banners grace the campus quad that display Franciscan ideals, including service, respect, compassion, peace, joy, hope, vision, and integrity.  With these ideals, you are encouraged to discover and celebrate your unique gifts and talents. As you journey to find God's plan for yourself, we encourage you to discern how best to serve our world.

Using the six components of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops pastoral document, Empowered by the Spirit, campus ministry seeks to offer services and programs to:

  • Form the faith community
  • Appropriate the faith
  • Form the Christian conscience
  • Educate for justice
  • Facilitate personal development
  • Develop leaders for the future

"The faith community and the institution of higher learning are involved in a common pursuit of the life of wisdom." - Empowered by the Spirit