Service Learning

Diggin' Down in the Dominican Republic
Since the creation of Diggin' Down in the DR in 2006, twenty Hilbert College students have traveled to the Dominican Republic and performed service learning projects.
These projects include:
Nourish the Needy
-- ECHO donates seeds to a nutrition center in order for students to construct a sustainable vegetable garden. Goya also donates cans of non-perishables to aid in feeding those in need.
Get in the Zone...With a Micro-loan
-- Local businesses in need are granted a micro-loan in order to enhance their establishment.
Business in a Blueprint
-- Entreprenuers are invited to an informational session, where they learn how to budget and create a business plan.
Suckers for SIFE, Entreprenuers for Life
-- Students at local schools are given suckers and must promote and sell them, teaching them the fundamentals of free enterprise.
Action for Education -- SIFE collects uniforms so children are able to attend school.