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Political Science is one of the cornerstone disciplines in the Social Sciences and at Hilbert College, one of the major components of the Liberal Studies Program. The study of politics is almost as old as civilization itself; however, the modern study of Political Science is one of the most recently developed of the social sciences. It has only been recognized as a pursuit separate from history or law since about the turn of the previous century. Political Scientists are interested in many aspects of governments: their origins and preconditions, their growth and evolution, their problems and decline. Political Scientists are also interested in how governments are structured, how they make decisions and policies, and the consequences of those policies, both domestically and internationally.

Students are sometimes under the impression that Political Science is only concerned with elections or faraway debates in the halls of Washington or Albany. Many people have become cynical and have adopted an attitude that “politics doesn’t affect me.” 
Christopher Holoman, Ph.D.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Professor Political Science

For better or worse, almost every minute of our day is affected in some way by political decisions. We can choose to be aware of and learn about these forces and decisions that impact us, and perhaps, be an instrument of change. As citizens and educated people, students are encouraged to learn about the political system in which we live.

Hilbert College’s political science major helps you develop reasoning and analytical skills, while also building competence in oral and written expression. Political science majors are also given numerous opportunities for practical, real-world experience and those interested in careers in teaching, government, business, journalism, or law will find the program an excellent preparation.
Sharon Sisti, L.C.S.W
Chair, Social Sciences Division

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