News Working With the Media

Hilbert College has many stories to tell. Faculty expertise, new programs, events and major accomplishments all have the potential to be featured in the media. In simple terms, Hilbert is newsworthy.

Area reporters often contact Hilbert faculty or staff directly so it's helpful to know what to expect and what to do. But remember, always inform the public relations office if you are contacted by a reporter to keep us informed as to what stories are being prepared about Hilbert.

Building relationships with media has its benefits:

  1. You benefit because your point of view is shared with a broader audience than it might otherwise have reached.
  2. Extra efforts with the media keep people informed about Hilbert's aspirations and accomplishments, fostering an understanding of and support for the college.
  3. The public's perception of Hilbert's credibility and integrity is influenced by news coverage of the college and how faculty, administrators and staff respond to reporter's inquiries.