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The Liberal Studies student is a person who is interested in human nature, human wellbeing, and social issues such as justice, freedom, equality, and human rights. Moreover, Liberal Studies students typically seek to apply what they have learned to the real world and, thereby, positively affect the lives of individuals and whole communities. While choosing from an interdisciplinary curriculum that fuses together courses in Political Science, Philosophy, History, Geography, and Sociology, students will be able to prepare for careers in Law, Government, and Regional and Urban Planning. Students will receive a unique combination of professional preparation coupled with a broad-based Liberal Arts education. This combination appeals to employers who seek employees with both the specialized skills associated with professional training as well as the critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills that are acquired through a Liberal Arts education.

The Hilbert Liberal Studies interdisciplinary program offers you a high degree of flexibility both in and out of the classroom.

W. Gordon Snow, Ph.D.
Professor, Liberal Studies

You'll work closely with your academic advisor to tailor a unique set of courses to support your needs and interests, and have the opportunity to explore many possible career paths in law, government, regional planning, and education. For those students wishing to pursue advanced degrees, the program also provides a solid foundation designed to prepare you for graduate work in areas such as law, government, regional planning, and education. You will have an opportunity to work closely with faculty advisors to create a course of study that meets with your individual needs and skills.
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