Master of Public Administration Curriculum

The Hilbert College graduate degree in Public Administration consists of 36 Credits. The mode of study is based on an accelerated cohort model. Students accepted into the program begin in  August or February and accompany each other thoughout  the program, taking one course every 5 weeks. The cohort model encourages the development of life long connections and colleagues in the field as you work on group projects, discuss policy and move through the eighteen month program.

Hilbert offers the only accelerated cohort model MPA program in western New York. With the city of Buffalo 10 minutes away, we expect our graduates to be highly marketable within Erie county and throughout the United States.

Hilbert College is now accepting applications for the February and August 2015 cohort.

Required Courses 

                                                                                                                    Credit Hours

MPA625 Introduction to Public Administration   3                    
CC500 Organizational Theory and Management   3    
CC510 Program Planning and Evaluation   3    
CC515 Finance and Budgeting   3    
CC520 Political and Policy Analysis   3    
MPA631 Values and Ethics in Public Administration   3  
MPA640 Research Methods for MPA   3  
CC505 Introduction to Graduate Statistics   3    
MPA627 Human Resource Management          3  
MPA632 Financial Resource Development        3  
MPA637 Marketing and Public Relations    3  
MPA644  Capstone Seminar   3  
                                                                                               Total Credit Hours 36  
CC599 Internship Experience*   3  
   (Total Credits with Internship) 39  

*Optional for students who have not achieved full-time employment in their field. CC599 is an additional course in the MPA program. Students who opt for the Internship Experience will graduate with 39 credits.

Graduate Program Course Descriptions.