Computer Security and Information Assurance

Bachelor of Science
Major Courses
ACC 205 Financial Accounting
ACC 206 Managerial Accounting
CJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 204 Crime and Society
CIS 179 Computer Systems: Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
CIS 220 Intro to Computer Programming 
CIS 230 Database Management Systems
CIS 270 Introduction to Computer Networking
ACC/ECI 313 Financial Investigations
CJ333 Information Security
ECI 340 Intelligence Research Methods
ECI 345 Computer and Network Security
ECI 350 Law of Economic Crime
ECI 355 Computer Crime
ECI 360 Computer Forensics
ECI 410 Introduction to Cryptography
ECI/CJ/LW (2 upper-level electives)
PS 402 Junior Symposium
ECI 450 Senior Seminar
Additional Requirements
COM 151 Public Speaking
EN 101 College Writing
EN 102 Writing in the Humanties
EN 340 Professional and Technical Writing
GS 101 Foundations Seminar
MA 145 College Mathematics or Equivalent
MA 235 Discrete Math
ECO 201 Microeconomics
All College Electives (2 - one lower, one upper-level)
Liberal Art Elective (1- upper-level)
General Education CORE Modules
General Education Elective
Intercultural Awareness Elective
Interdisciplinary Studies Elective
Literature and Arts Elective
MA 200 Topics in Statistics or BUS 301
Moral Reasoning Elective
Political Science or History or Geography Elective
Religious Studies Elective
Science Elective
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology