Service Learning Documents and Forms

Service Learning Documents and Forms

The Office of Service Learning is required to maintain an accurate record of student service learning experiences.  Standardized forms have been created to assist the office and faculty in the documentation.


Service Learning Student Agreements

Agreement documents are designed to help with the implementation of a service project. Service learning agreements help outline the type of activities the student will be engaged in with the community organization and also clarify the course's learning objectives. The service learning agreement should be completed and signed by student and returned to the faculty member at the beginning of the course.  At the conclusion of the course, the Office of Service Learning should recieve the agreement for student record-keeping purposes.

Service Learning Agreement 


Service Learning Student Time Sheets

An accurate tally of student service learning hours is required to be recorded.  Students are responsible for maintaining and ensuring the accuracy of their time sheets. Time sheets should be turned into the professor upon conclusion of the service, but no later than the end of the semester.  All service learning faculty are asked to file the completed student timesheet with the Office of Service Learning.

Student Time Sheets


Service Learning Student Evaluations

Evaluations are important tools, as they help measure the efficacy of the partnership. The evaluations also help gauge the effects of the service on student learning. A link to a survey to evaluate the service-learning partnership will be sent out via email to faculty members, students and community partners. If you would like to request a paper copy of the survey, please contact the Service Learning Coordinator.  

Please contact Hilbert College's Service Learning Coordinator with any questions on these forms.

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