Retirement Assets

Your Goal:

You wish to avoid the twofold taxation on IRAs or other employee benefit plans.
How to Make the Gift:
Simply name us as the beneficiary of the remainder of the assets after your lifetime and complete the Hilbert College Confidential Statement of Revocable Gift.
Your Benefits:
This gift allows for there to be less costly assets for your heirs.


Time Sensative Information!!!
As part of the AmericanTax Relief Act of 2012 passed on 12/31/2012, anyone 70½ years of age and older are eligible to make gifts to Hilbert College directly from their IRAs through December 31, 2013. Although a gift in this manner does not offer a charitable deduction, IRA gift totals up to $100,000 are free from income tax that would typically be taken out upon withdrawal. Also, this gift will satisfy the minimum IRA distributions for 2012 as long as they are made by the custodian of the IRA account, not the owner.