Planned Giving

The Rewards of Creative Giving

Design a Plan That Fits Your Needs

As we confront the challenges of the future, we know that the generosity of our great supporters will make all the difference in the success of those that we serve, our students. Our student body as a whole come to Hilbert College with big aspirations and personal drive but also are in a position where financial assistance may be vital. A planned gift can provide your with benefits both financially through tax benefits and more importantly, personally in knowing that you are providing one of the greatest gifts one can give, the gift of education based in Franciscan values. 

There are many ways that your philanthropic giving can blend with your financial needs and tax planning. To design the ideal gift for you, we recommend you seek out a financial planner and/or professional counsel of an attorney who specialize in gift and estate planning. We can very easily work with your advisors to help you plan for tomorrow and receive maximum benefits today.

Please click on each of our planned giving options below to learn more about the different types of gifts you can make and the impact and tax advantages each gift will have on your estate and philanthropic goals.

Charitable Gift Annuity
Charitable Lead Trust
Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Life Insurance Policy
Personal Property
Real Estate
Retained Life Estate
Retirement Assets
Revocable Living Trust

The advantages of a planned gift include: 

  • Making a larger charitable gift than you thought possible
  • A reasonable and reliable rate of return on low-yielding assets
  • Minimizing capital gains tax
  • An immediate charitable income tax deduction
  • Removal of assets from an estate and tax savings for heirs
  • Continual personal use of an asset with promise for a future gift

For more detailed information on how you can begin exploring the different options available for creating a planned gift, please contact:

Gregg Fort
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
(716) 649-7900, ext. 302