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No other college in Western New York provides the career preparation available through Hilbert's forensic science/crime scene investigation degree. The program offers both college students and law enforcement personnel the most current technological knowledge and practical applications in crime scene investigation. Graduates will then have the necessary skills to obtain entry-level positions in a variety of exciting career areas. Additionally, the program will furnish veteran officers with advancement opportunities available through specialized education in crime scene investigation.


Earn your Bachelors and Masters in Five Years- Combined BS in Forensic Science/Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

This new and innovative combined BS/MS program allows you to finish your BS in forensic science/crime scene investigation and simultaneously work on a master of science in criminal justice administration. Students can begin taking graduate courses during their final year of undergraduate study and any graduate course taken fulfills the requirements of both the BS and the MS degrees.

Admission to the graduate school occurs following your junior year, without the need to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). As a result of beginning graduate courses during your undergraduate program, you will complete the master's degree more quickly. The combined program should allow you to finish both degrees in a 4 + 1 format (5 years), saving students up to two semesters of graduate school.

Program Requirements
Requirements for the combined program are straightforward. First, you must meet all the regular requirements for the BS in forensic science/crime scene investigation. Second, you can take graduate credits during your final year, which can be applied to the credits needed for the BS in forensic sceince as well as the courses required for the MS in criminal justice administration. Finally, you must meet all of the requirements for the MS in Criminal Justice degree.



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