IT Help Desk

The IT Help Desk is the first point of contact for any student, staff, or faculty member requesting services from the Information Services department.

Our duties are to help set up students with wireless connection to RESNET, manage student’s Hilbert computer accounts and handle Hilbert’s network printers, computer software and hardware.  We can often help provide expert advice as it pertains to personal computers giving sound advice when needed. 

If you need your account information, laptop authorized for the wireless network, or just have a question, stop in or email us today.   We've also joined Facebook!  Click 'Like' on our page to the right and stay posted with all recent IT changes, service interruptions or advisories.

For frequently asked questions, go to:

We're located in Bogel Hall 156!

Monday - Friday: 8AM – 4PM (716) 649-7900 x121 156 Bogel Hall

Meet our staff!


  Hanah Ali, Help Desk Support Manager


  Upon her graduation in 2012 as a Hilbert
  CSIA major, Hanah is now the Help Desk
  Manager. She is continuing her education
  with Saint Bonaventure as an MBA student.









   Sarah Hedges, Help Desk Intern

   Sarah Hedges joined us in the summer of
   2012 as an internship experience.  Because
   of her experience and knowledge, Sarah has
   been able to continue as a part-time intern
   throughout the following semesters.












  Jacob Cashion, Help Desk Support

  Our newest Help Desk employee!
  Jake began working within our department
  prior to his freshmen year at Hilbert and
  has displayed the right expertise and a continued
  motivation to learn. We are lucky to have him!


*Note* If at any time you require assistance, any of these above individuals are more than willing to help.  Often times assistance requires taking control over a personal computer, seizing the computer, etc.  Please be advised that if any individual attempts to assist you other than our support staff, you should immediately contact Help Desk or Campus Safety.