Counseling Center Services

The Counseling Center is founded on the belief that even the most successful and dedicated student occasionally can use guidance and support. Our services include but are not limited to:

Individual Counseling
Individual counseling is available for a variety of concerns. No topic is considered too great or too small. Your counselor will help you create a treatment plan that fits your needs and appointments will be scheduled accordingly.

Discussion & Support Groups
Support groups are for students who share a particular issue, such as a family member with an alcohol problem or relationship issues.  Meetings are usually held once a week during the fall and spring semesters. You are welcome to join a support group at any time during the academic year. Available support groups include Al-Anon, relationships, self-esteem and grief support.

The Counseling Center provides a range of wellness workshops and services throughout the academic year, including stress relief activities and various screenings such as mental health, alcohol and eating disorder screenings.

They also have a variety of resouces concerning mental health and wellness issues which is free for all students.

Workshops, seminars and special activities are offered throughout the year for all your health and wellness needs.   Students learn about time and money management, anger management, self-esteem, self-mutilation, alcohol and drug issues,  humor, perfectionism, and  a variety of healthy choices.  Workshops will generally follow the Hilbert College Wellness Calendar:

  • October - Alcohol Awareness Month
  • November - Sexual Responsibility Month
  • December - Mental Health Month
  • January - Fitness Month
  • February - Domestic Violence Month
  • March - Addictions Month
  • April - Environmental Month

Community Referral
The Counseling Center works closely with other professionals in the Western New York community. When needed, you may be referred to other resources in the nearby community.

Consultation to Faculty, Staff and Students
Prevention and early intervention are helpful to assist students in achieving personal and academic goals at Hilbert. We welcome consultations about psychological and educational issues by working directly with faculty and staff concerning  a particular student's need or how to work with different student populations. To maintain client confidentiality, no information is released to faculty or staff without a student's written consent. We also consult with students who may be concerned about helping another student, friend or loved one.

Support for Families
To ensure confidentiality, we can never confirm nor deny a student is being seen at the Counseling Center. We can listen and support parents and families and refer them to other resources on or off campus if needed. We are willing to meet with families of students if the student requests it as part of their counseling process. Parents or family members who have concerns about their student at Hilbert should contact the counseling director at 649-7900, ext. 232, or e-mail us.