Political Science

The Political Science baccalaureate degree program prepares undergraduate students to assume leadership roles locally, nationally, and internationally through its emphasis on the informed analysis of government, political entities, and the political behavior of individuals and groups.    

Program Learning Objectives
A course of study within the Political Science program will provide students the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge through a core set of program objectives. Students will:
·         understand the structures and process of American government commensurate with citizenship duties and an effective civil society
·         recognize the use and abuse of political power and authority
·         assess various perspectives with respect to their political philosophies
·         value politics from a global perspective
Description of the Political Science Program 
Political science encompasses the study of the institutions of government, the development and assessment of public policy, and the behavior of individuals and groups within those political arenas.   In a rapidly changing world, a core understanding of diverse political landscapes, the multitude of factors that impact national and international relations, and the ability to clearly articulate one’s political philosophies is essential for those pursuing political science as a foundation for their career. Furthermore, because political change impacts most aspects of our lives, it is a valuable course of study for those who simply seek to enhance their understanding of the world and its complex workings. The political science major will have an opportunity to explore the structures and processes of government, civil liberties, and human rights, the exercise of legitimate and illegitimate authority, the impact of globalization on the economy, American foreign policy, and events in history that have had a significant impact upon current political thinking. A unique aspect of this program is the opportunity for internship experience which affords students the advantage of hand-on experience in the field.
A degree in political science represents one of the broadest degrees available in within higher education. Students majoring in political science graduate with excellent skills in critical thinking, writing, information research, and the ability to synthesize and articulate diverse perspectives. These skills enable graduates to select from a variety of careers including those in law, education, government, politics, national security, intelligence, journalism, public and non-profit administration, and political consulting to name a few. 
As you discover your unique interests and talents, Hilbert's faculty advisors will work with you to identify a rewarding career. You will be able to pursue a variety of careers in politics, government, law, education, planning, teaching and research at the university level, foreign service, and business.
Why Study Political Science at Hilbert?
There are several advantages to studying political science at Hilbert:
·         Opportunity to earn college credit while interning at a variety of local businesses and organizations, giving you practical experience that can lead to a full-time position at your intern site.
·         A student/teacher ratio of 14:1.
·         Day, evening and online courses to accommodate your busy schedule.
·         Chance to minor in one of more than a dozen academic areas available, like business administration, professional communications or psychology.
·         Unmatched personal attention and academic advisement.
·         Opportunity to learn from top-notch professors who have real-world experience in the political science field.
·         Job search guidance in the profession.
·         Outstanding job opportunities after graduation.
·         Develop invaluable relationships with faculty long after you've graduated. 

   New 4 + 1 Option!

   In five years obtain both a bachelor of science and masters of public administration degree.