Meal Plans

Choosing Your Meal Plan
You can choose a plan to suit your budget and lifestyle. Plans are designed to allow you take advantage of our dining program as much, or as little, as you wish.  Eating off-campus can be costly in terms of time spent driving and finding a parking spot, and in gasoline.  Save time, money and aggravation by dining with us!  Commuters and residents alike can take advantage of our convenient location and meal plan pricing.

Your meal plan can be changed at any time during the semester, but any remaining balance at the end of the semester cannot be rolled over into the next semester.

Meal Plan Options
Cost Per Semester
Meal Plan 1 - 250 Meal Block*
Meal Plan 2 - 200 Meal Block*
Meal Plan 3 - 150 Meal Block
Meal Plan 4 - 50 Meal Block**

*First-time resident students must select Meal Plan 1 or 2 for two semesters before selecting Meal Plan 3.

**A meal plan is not required for students residing in the Hilbert apartments. However, Meal Plan 4 is only available for students living in the apartments and for commuter students (though apartment residents and commuters can get larger meal plans as well).

Meal Card Office
Office of Student Finance
Franciscan Hall, First Floor

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