Faculty Profile-Joan Crouse



Joan M. Crouse  
Liberal Studies - History
Office:  157 Paczesny Hall
Office Hours:  M-Th 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
 Phone: (716) 926-8841
 Email: crouse@hilbert.edu
 Fax: (716) 649-0702

Educational Background & Biography

    BA, MA and Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo

Courses: (past/present)

    HI103 – Nineteenth Century American History
    HI104 – Twentieth Century American History
     HI207 – Crime and Punishment in America (interdisciplinary course)
     HI212 – Photographing American History (interdisciplinary course)
     HI308 – Women’s History
     HI310 – Making Sense of the Sixties
     HI311 – African American History, Part I
     HI312 – African American History, Part II

Hilbert Committees:

Faculty representative on the Board of Trustees Institutional Advancement Committee
Professional Affiliations:

     American Historical Association
     Organization of American Historians
     American Studies Association