Wireless Access

Wireless Internet access is provided throughout the campus via RESNET.  In addition, it is also provided to resident students through wired ports in their residences.  Access to RESNET is provided at no charge to faculty, staff, and students.

Requirements for RESNET:

  • Personal computer
  • iPhone, iPod Touch
  • Similar device capable of wireless or wired access for students

RESNET access is self-activated.  Simply connect your wireless device to RESNET or plug into your dorm/apartment room ethernet jack.  Once you try to get online, you will be redirected to a login page that will ask you to insert your username and password. Click Download and install the application that appears if applicable (Bradford Persistant Agent). 

After the Bradford Persistent Agent installs, it will scan your PC for compliance (Windows Updates, etc.). If the check passes, you will be allowed online right away.  However, if you have issues, please check this guide for Windows and Macintosh computers. 

Frequently Asked Wireless/RESNET Questions:


What kind of computer is required to be placed on the Hilbert College Wireless Network (RESNET?)

  • As a matter of policy, we do not recommend any specific brand of computer.  We do recommend however that the system have at least Windows XP or greater, or Mac OS X (10.4) or higher.  Either will be supported on the network.  To connect wirelessly however, the computer must have a wireless card supporting the 802.11b/g standards.  The vast majority of laptops have a wireless card as standard equipment, but please verify with your manufacturer.

Can I use my iPod Touch, iPhone, etc. on RESNET?

  • Yes!

Can I use my XBOX, PS3, or other video game system on RESNET?

  • We do allow consoles on the network.  Students must remember however that we do not provide support for these systems since they are not primarily for academic use; we can simply guide you and assist you to the best of our ability.

Can I use Kazaa/BitTorrent or other Peer-to-Peer file sharing applications for music and movies?

  • Such applications open up our network to viruses, degrade performance for other users, and open up the student to legal liability.  These applications are explicitly banned from use while on campus on computers owned by Hilbert College or personal devices.  Students found using these applications risk disciplinary action and loss of computing privileges.