English Major – Bachelor’s Degree

General Requirements (24)

Interdisciplinary Core Course I (3)

Mathematics (3)

Mathematics/Natural Sciences (6)

Social Sciences (12)

Courses in Major (39)

EN 101 College Writing

EN 102 Critical Interpretation of Literature

EN 200 Level Survey Courses (6)

EN 300/400 Level Courses (24)

EN Any Level Course (3)

Within this distribution of English courses, you are required to take the following:

One course in Shakespeare

One course in one of the following periods:

Chaucer and Medieval Literature

Renaissance Literature

18th Century Literature

Two courses focusing on 19th and 20th literature

One genre course (may be a 200 level course)

Creative Studies Concentration (9-12 hours)

CS 250 Creative Writing Workshop I

CS 350 Creative Writing Workshop II

EN 489 Internship

Drama Concentration (9-12 hours)

CS 320 Theory and Methods of Play Production

CS 357 A History of the American Cinema

CS 365 Great Directors of Modern America Cinema

EN 303/304 Shakespeare I & II

EN 318 History of Theater

EN 360 Film and Literature

EN 489 Internship

Graduate School in Education/Teacher Certification

COM 151 Public Speaking

EN 340 Professional and Technical Communications

EN 489 Internship (Teaching Assistant)

Senior Year Two Graduate Education Courses

Graduate School Preparation (12-15 hours in literature courses such as the following)

EN 303/304 Shakespeare I & II

EN 312 Modernism

EN 315 Mythology

EN 345 The City in Literature

EN 400 Chaucer and Medieval Literature

EN 418 Romanticism

EN 419 Victorian Literature

EN 440 Major Literary Figure

EN 450 Introduction to Critical Theory

EN 460 Postmodernism

EN 490 Senior Honors Thesis

Professional Communications Concentration (12-15 hours)

COM 121 Introduction to PowerPoint

COM 131 Introduction to Communication Theory

COM 151 Public Speaking

COM 160 Introduction to Desktop Publishing/Quark Express

COM 290 Media and Mass Media

COM/MIS 310 Interactive Web Design

COM 343 Journalism

COM 347 Public Relations and Advertising

COM 351 Speaking for the Professions

EN 340 Professional and Technical Writing

EN 489 Internship