The communication field is lucrative, dynamic, and exciting! Communication majors go into varied professions; they work in many areas: education, public relations, research, journalism, television, film, and marketing. Our major is designed with this diversity in mind. It's also student-centered.

In our program you will learn the foundation common to communication studies, but you will also learn specific skills and gain advanced knowledge in target areas. You will be taught on state-of-the-art equipment, and have access to the equipment from the very beginning of your education.

Our program has four concentrations: media arts, journalism & media writing, integrated marketing and communication. These concentrations allow you to focus on key areas in the field. Each concentration closes with a capstone experience in which you gain real-world experience. These capstones range from various internships to independent projects.

Come explore the many areas of communication, and prepare for a great future career.

Chris Gallant
Assistant Professor
Assistant Divisional Chair, Arts & Sciences
Digital Media and Communication
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Don Vincent
Associate Professor
Digital Media and Communication
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