Contact Information

Charles Ernst Ph.D.
Arts & Sciences Department
Campus Address:
105 Bogel Hall
Areas of Expertise:
  • English Renaissance Literature
  • Public Speaking
  • Science Fiction Literature
  • Shakespeare
  • Technical Writing

Ernst is a specialist in the works of William Shakespeare, including the famed author’s historical plays, comedies, tragedies, and romances. As part of this interest, he oversees the college’s annual trip to a Shakespeare play performed at the renowned Stratford Festival of Canada. Ernst is also knowledgeable on English Renaissance literature by writers such as Milton, Marlowe, and Donne, and the literature’s connection to the rise of humanistic learning, the invention of the printing press, and related issues. His other area of interest is science fiction literature, including authors like H.G. Wells, Michael Crichton, and Isaac Asimov, and, in particular, the history of science fiction film. A frequent speaker at various professional conferences, he’s past president and executive director of the New York State College English Association, and a member of the national College English Association and the Renaissance Society of America. Click here for full Bio...


Other Department Affiliations:
  • English Department: Professor of English
  • Academic Affairs: Director, Center for Excellence in Learning
  • H-Files: Advisor
  • Communication Studies: Professor of English