Reflection is a critical piece of the service-learning experience, tying the service and the academic coursework together through critical thinking and reasoning. Reflection activities can take many forms, including journals, video testimonials, essays, small group discussions, or worksheets.

A number of resources are available to help faculty create reflection activities that encourage critical thinking and help the students make the connections between their classroom learning and their service activities.

 Types of Reflective Activities that Can Be Used in Service Learning Projects (Campus Compact)

Reflection in Higher Education Service Learning (National Service Learning Clearinghouse)

Service-Learning: Using Structured Reflection to Enhance Learning from Service (Campus Compact)

 "Reflection Toolkit" Developed by Northwest Service Academy, Portland Oregon (National Service Resources)

"What, So What, Now What" Questions for Initiating Reflection


Hilbert College's Service Learning Task Force developed a rubric to help evaluate student reflections. Students should be evaluated on the relationships and connections they make between the coursework and the service.

Reflection Rubric


Faculty members should contact the Service Learning Coordinator to discuss the reflective activities that are most appropriate for their students and the project in which the students are engaged.


Hilbert College Service Learning Office
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