Emerging Leaders Program

"Being involved in the Emerging Leaders program has given me a better understand of what it means to be a leader, and that different people have different qualities that make them good leaders. Emerging leaders gave me more confidence about my ability to act in various leadership roles on campus. This confidence sparked an interest to get more involved on campus allowing me to make new friends, and use the skills I learned in the program."
Melody Cole, Class of 2016


“The Emerging Leaders Program helped me develop as an individual inside and outside the classroom. I learned how to work with others on a team and also how to manage a busy college life. The program was a learning and growing experience, which led to being a Peer Leader on campus. Most importantly, the Emerging Leaders Program taught me how to have confidence in myself. “
Alexander Madera, Class of 2016


The Emerging Leaders Program is a seven-session seminar, which includes workshops and presentations, and focuses on developing practical leadership skills and understanding what leadership entails. This is an activity-based program which will hopefully enhance the leadership skills you already possess, teach you something new, enrich your college experience, and benefit your personal and career objectives. The program will employ a combination of experiential learning, simulations, and guest speakers to assist you in developing your abilities.