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Political Science


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Bachelor of Science - Political Science

Hilbert's political science major, which is within the Division of Social Sciences, helps you develop reasoning and analytical skills, while also building competence in oral and written expression.

Political science majors also will be given numerous opportunities for practical, real-world experience and those interested in careers in teaching, government, business, journalism, or law will find the program an excellent preparation.


Earn your Bachelors and Masters in Five Years- Combined BS in Political Science/Masters Degree in Public Administration

This new and innovative combined BS/MPA program allows you to finish your BS in political science and simultaneously work on a master's in public administration. Students can begin taking graduate courses during their final year(s) of undergraduate study and any graduate course taken fulfills the requirements of both the BS and the MPA degrees.

Admission to the graduate school occurs during your junior year, without the need to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). As a result of beginning graduate courses during your undergraduate program, you will complete the master's degree more quickly. The combined program should allow you to finish both degrees in a 4 + 1 format (5 years), saving students up to two semesters of graduate school.

Why a Master's in Public Administration?

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree is designed to develop and promote leadership potential. The world of nonprofit, governmental, and law-enforcement related agencies require individuals with sharp analytic skills, budgetary acumen and excellent human relations ability. Within this program, students develop the foundation for clear data driven decision making. The program balances research with an additional focus on the need for values and ethics in public policy. As a result, Hilbert's program is consistent with its mission. It is expected that Hilbert graduates will go on to lead with a level of competency and integrity second to none.

Unique to Hilbert, the MPA curriculum includes an integrated research project threaded throughout the program. Unlike most graduate programs that ask for a final semester thesis, the Hilbert program allows for a more thorough application of theory and research since the project starts early in the program. You will be challenged by the various coursework along the way and the research acts as a foundation upon which to ground and challenge theory to a practical application, culminating in a final capstone major project.

Program Requirements

Requirements for the combined program are straightforward. First, you must meet all the regular requirements for the BS in political science. Second, you can take graduate credits during your final years which can be applied to the credits needed for the BS in political science as well as the courses required for the MPA. Finally, you must meet all of the requirements for the MPA degree.

The political science program is within the Division of Social Sciences

James Golden, Division Chair, Social Science - jgolden@hilbert.edu

4 + 1 (BS/MPA)  Walter Iwanenko, Dean for Graduate and ADP Studies - wiwanenko@hilbert.edu