Strategic Plan: Destination 2017

 Vision 2017 - Strategic Plan Summary

Goal 1: Strengthen Revenue Streams: Hilbert College will achieve increased enrollment and fundraising goals in order to improve fiscal and programmatic health and more effectively achieve its mission.

    1.1: Determine optimal enrollment in each of three main catagories: Traditional undergraduate increase to 1,269, Adult Degree Program to 102, Graduate to 118.
    1.2: Increase number of traditional transfer students as both a percentage and number of the new student population. Goal - 165 new transfer students by 2017.
    1.3: Perform a comprehensive review of the college's financial aid awarding practices and formalize a financial aid literacy program in order to minimize student debt and keep college affordable.
    1.4: Increase external funding resources as follows: 45 planned gifts; increasing the number of $1,000 donors to 100; increasing annual fund gifts to $225,000 per year; increasinng the endowment to $4.0 million; and grants.
    1.5: Complete market research and internal analysis related to current and new program additions with action plans resulting from the findings.

Goal 2: Strengthen the Student Experience: Hilbert College will continue its unshakeable focus on student learning by providing clear pathways to success.

    2.1: Improve retention rates by 5% for all students and specifically within the following populations: academically at-risk students, first generation students, and students from non-majority populations.
    2.2: Establish and meet benchmarks for learning outcomes for all students at course, program, and institutional levels.
    2.3: Increase percentage of students participating in horizontal programming: study away, on-campus employment, internships, service learning, etc.
    2.4: Design and implement systems to ensure that students can complete a degree in four years prepared for the world of work and/or graduate education.
    2.5: Realign the current class schedule and academic calendar to more appropriately reflect and support a highly engaged student experience and maximize facility use.
    2.6: Develop and resource a "teaching and learning" curriculum focused on pedagogies that promote engaged learning, including appropriate use of technology and alternate course delivery options.
    2.7: Revisit general education and liberal learning goals to assure alignment with college mission and vision.

Goal 3: Strengthen our Institutional Story: Hilbert College is committed to raising the visibility and clarifying the distinction of the Hilbert College experience.

    3.1: Complete a review of the current integration of Catholic and Franciscan traditions within  the college's curriculum, campus programming, and marketing efforts with actionable recommendations for improvements and enhancement.
    3.2: Build comprehensive alumni and parent programs through the combined efforts of Institutional Advancement and Student Affairs.
    3.3: Develop a comprehensive integrated marketing plan that includes social media initiatives and the College's branding/positioning and public relations strategy suggestion.
    3.4: Assure effectiveness of intercollegiate athletic program and its alignment with college goals.

Goal 4: Strengthen the physical and social environment of the campus: Hilbert College is committed to providing a culture of professional development, shared accountability, and excellence that promotes student success and work-place satisfaction.

    4.1: Enhance grounds and buildings to improve prospective student and donor first impression of our commitment to excellence.
    4.2: Expand and improve student engagement spaces on campus: dining, recreation, and study space, athletic facilities, and student center.
    4.3: Assess residential options on and near campus.
    4.4: Complete an effectiveness and efficiency audit of all support systems to ensure adequate staffing and best practice services.
    4.5: Review practices in student admissions, faculty and staff hiring, and campus life to assure a diverse and welcoming college environment.

Goal 5: Strengthen External Opportunities: Hilbert College is committed to engaging its local community, region, and Franciscan affiliations to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

    5.1: Increase the number and quality of on-campus events to attract more local and regional visitors to campus, increase utilization, and take advantage of the summer months.
    5.2: Build relationships in local and regional business and organizations to develop access to and quality of student internships.
    5.3: Explore opportunities for collaboration and partnerships across the full range of college activities, especially with other Catholic and Franciscan organizations and institutions.
    5.4: Increase the visibility of students and faculty in the local community.