Political Science Major - Bachelor's Degree

(120 Credit Hours)

General Education Requirements (15)
COM 151 Public Speaking
EN 101 College Writing
EN 102 Writing in the Humanities
GS 101 Foundations Seminar
PS 402 Current Events Symposium

Specific General Education Core Modules (30)
General Education Elective 
Intercultural Awareness  
Interdisciplinary Studies  
Literature and Arts 
Math - MA 200
Moral Reasoning
Political Science/History/Geography 
Religious Studies
Science-PSY 240
All College (any level)   (6)
Strongly Recommended:
                EN/COM 240 Art of Persuasion
                MA 200 Statistics
                PH 303 Introduction to Critical Thinking
                PSY 305 Research Methods
Political Science Electives (any Level)  (12)
Requirements in Major   (15)
GEO/HI/PS 288 World History and Geography I
GEO/HI/PS 289 World History and Geography II
PS 101 Introduction to Political Science
PS 102 American Government
PS 224 State and Local Government
Upper Level Requirements in Major  (18)
EN 341 Advanced Writing
Political Science Electives (Upper Level)
Upper Level General Electives  (24)
 Liberal Arts (9 credit hours)
 All College (15 credit hours)
A total of five All College, Liberal Arts and Political Science electives may be used for semester-length internships.