News Tips for TV Interviews

Responses that are 10-15 seconds long have the best chance of being included in the final story.
Appearance is important.

Wear subdued colors and something comfortable. Avoid wild patterns and distracting jewelry. Also, if you usually wear glasses, do so for the interview. Be yourself.

Ask ahead of time what material will be covered. Inform the reporter of what areas you will or will not comment on. Be sure ahead of time both you and the reporter have the same expectations of the material to be discussed.

Look at the reporter, not the camera.

On camera, speak to the topic. Don't complicate the discussion with unnecessary talk or babbling.

Remind yourself about good posture and body language. Try to be relaxed and avoid gesturing with your hands. TV reporters routinely shake their head during an interview, as if nodding in agreement with the speaker. This can be hypnotic if you are being interviewed and you may start nodding your head too.

Videotaped interviews may be edited so you can pause to collect your thoughts or correct yourself if you make a mistake.

Speak distinctly in your normal volume.