Meal Plan FAQs

If I'm a resident student, do I have to purchase a meal plan?
All first-time resident students must purchase Meal Plan 1, giving you 19 meals per week each semester. There are three meal plan options available for returning students in the residence hall. A meal plan is not required for students residing in the Hilbert apartments but one is available for interested students. Go to our Meal Plans section for more information.

When do I sign up for a meal plan?
New students choose a meal plan on their housing contract. Returning students will sign up for a meal plan during housing selection in February.

Do I need to re-enroll in a meal plan every semester?
No, when you select a meal plan for the fall semester you will automatically be enrolled in the same plan for the following spring semester.

How do I cancel or change my plan?
As a resident student, you are required to enroll in a meal plan. To make changes, visit the Office of Student Finance located on the first floor of Franciscan Hall or call 649-7900, ext. 314.

What if I lose my meal plan card?
Your meal plan card is your student ID card. Report your lost card to the Office of Student Life at 649-7900, ext. 230 or stop by the office in Franciscan Hall.

What happens if I have money remaining on my meal plan card?
There are no cash refunds for meal plan dollars and the balance does not carry forward from one semester to the next. You must use your meals weekly as indicated by the meal plan.

How do I check my meal plan balance?
To check your meal plan balance, ask the cashier after making a purchase.

Who do I see if I have dietary restrictions?
Talk to the dining hall director if you have medical or dietary restrictions so that we can do our best to meet your special needs.

Can a friend use my meal plan?
Your meal plan is a contract with you and the college and may only be used by you.

What are the Campus Dining Hall's serving hours?
Please click on Dining Hours to learn more about the dining hall's hours of operation.