New Books


AE1.5 .A98 2008 How Wikipedia works : and how you can be a part of it Ayers, Phoebe
B188  .B9 2005 Early Greek philosophy Burnet, John
BF1434.G7 K58 1996 The secret tradition in Arthurian legend Knight, Gareth
BF1548 .F45 1993 Lessons in evil, lessons from the light : a true story of satanic abuse and spiritual healing Feldman, Gail Carr
BF38 .C925 2009 Desire, self, mind, and the psychotherapies : unifying psychological science and psychoanalysis Curtis, R. Coleman
BF408 .M33 1994 The courage to create May, Rollo
BF431 .N57 2009 Intelligence and how to get it : why schools and cultures count Nisbett, Richard E.
BF698.35.D64 J64 2008 What's so wrong with being right? : the dangerous nature of dogmatic belief Johnson, Judy J.
BF720.C63 E27 2003 Early category and concept development : making sense of the blooming, buzzing confusion Rakison, David H.
BF723.P25 C75 2008 Raising parents : attachment, parenting and child safety Crittenden, Patricia McKinsey
BF774   .C533 2007 Influence : the psychology of persuasion Cialdini, Robert B.
BJ2115.T45   S65 2001 The thank you book : hundreds of clever, meaningful, and purposeful ways to say thank you Spizman, Robyn F.
BL477 .A54 1994 Angels : the mysterious messengers Hauck, Rex
BL477 .G63 1990 Angels : an endangered species Godwin, Malcolm
BM535 .M5 2008 A history of Catholic antisemitism : the dark side of the church Michael, Robert
BP132 .M39 2008 The story of the Qur'an : its history and place in Muslim life Mattson, Ingrid
BR856 .H476 2008 The Aryan Jesus : Christian theologians and the Bible in Nazi Germany Heschel, Susannah
BV4527 .G4575 2004 A woman's call to prayer George, Elizabeth
BX1536 .S65 2008 Hitler's priests : Catholic clergy and national socialism Spicer, Kevin P.
BX2350.3 .B37 2008 Crossing : reclaiming the landscape of our lives Barrett, Mark
CS484 .N37 2008 Of Irish descent : origin stories, genealogy, & the politics of belonging Nash, Catherine
CT25 .S48 1998 Writing from within : a guide to creativity and life story writing Selling, Bernard
DA152.5  .A7 L58 2000 From Scythia to Camelot Littleton, C. Scott
DA152.5.A7 L87 2007 The Oxford guide to Arthurian literature and legend Lupack, Alan
DA152.5.A7 N48 1996 The new Arthurian encyclopedia Lacy, Norris J.
DD204 .S56 2008 The continuities of German history : nation, religion, and race across the long nineteenth century Smith, Helmut Walser
DS371.4   .R37 2009 Descent into chaos : the U.S. and the disaster in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia Rashid, Ahmed
DS559.5 .D853 2008 The tragedy of the Vietnam War : a South Vietnamese officer's analysis Duong, Van Nguyen
DS774.5 .C8 2009 Speaking to history : the story of King Goujian in twentieth-century China Cohen, Paul A.
DS79.76  .K37 2007 My men are my heroes : the Brad Kasal story Kasal, Brad.
DS79.76 .D665 2007's The Sandbox : dispatches from troops in Iraq and Afghanistan  
E184.M5  R86 2008 From out of the shadows : Mexican women in twentieth- century America Ruiz, Vicki.
E185.86   W49 2007 Why are so many black men in prison? Boothe, Demico
E98.W8 S62 2005 Conquest : sexual violence and American Indian genocide Smith, Andrea
GV1111.5   .H35 2003 Lifelines : women, male violence and personal saftey Hall, Marcia E.
GV1132.A4 E97 2009 Muhammad Ali : the making of an icon Ezra, Michael
GV706.32 .R43 2008 Reconstructing fame : sport, race, and evolving reputations Rosen, Joel Nathan
GV865.P3 T94 2009 Satchel : the life and times of an American legend Tye, Larry
GV884.A8 R87 2009 Red and me : my coach, my lifelong friend Russell, Bill
HB801 .M493 2009 Spent : sex, status, and the secrets of consumerism Miller, Geoffrey
HB97.3 .S56 2008 The mind of the market  Shermer, Michael
HF1118   .G62 2008 GMAT : premier program  
HF1118   .G62 2008 GMAT : premier program  
HF5726   .B874 2006 The business writer's handbook Alred, Gerald J.
HG179 .V463 2007 Managing debt for dummies Ventura, John
HG4910   .M667 2008 The two trillion dollar meltdown : easy money, high rollers, and the great credit crash Morris, Charles R.
HM1033 .D86 2009 Research methods for social psychology / Dana S. Dunn Dunn, Dana
HM1101 .S64 2008 Social theories of risk and uncertainty : an introduction Zinn, Jens
HM1131 .C46 2004 The modern self in the labyrinth : politics and the entrapment imagination Chowers, Eyal
HM554   .S65 2003 Regarding the pain of others Sontag, Susan
HM585 .H37 2008 When the center is on fire : passionate social theory for our times Harriford, Diane Sue
HM636 .U55 2008 Un/knowing bodies Latimer, Joanna
HM851 .T87 2008 The hyperlinked society : questioning connections in the digital age Turow, Joseph
HQ1059.4 .G85 1997 Declining to decline : cultural combat and the politics of the midlife Gullette, Margaret Morganroth.
HQ1170   .B76 1996 Nine parts of desire : the hidden world of Islamic women Brooks, Geraldine
HQ1180 .W6878 2008 Women's studies on the edge Scott, Joan Wallach
HQ1233 .B55 2008 Birthed from scorched hearts : women respond to war Moore, MariJo
HQ1870.9 .G64 2008 Who answers to women? : gender and accountability Goetz, Anne Marie
HQ1905.T4 K46 2002 The power of good deeds : privileged women and the social reproduction of the upper class Kendall, Diana Elizabeth
HQ29 .D523 2009  Sexual fluidity : understanding women's love and desire Diamond, Lisa M.
HQ75.4.F67 P37 2008 Sex variant woman : the life of Jeannette Howard Foster Passet, Joanne Ellen
HV10.5 .R87 1993 Serving and surviving as a human-service worker Russo, J. Robert
HV3185.O35 B55 2008 The Black Panther Party : service to the people programs Hilliard, David
HV41 .B689 1993 Effectively managing human service organizations Brody, Ralph.
HV41 .K46 2002 Achieving excellence in the management of human service organizations Kettner, Peter M.
HV43 .H64 2000 The practice of generalist case management Holt, Barbara J.
HV6074   .C557 2002 Suspect identities : a history of fingerprinting and criminal identification Cole, Simon A.
HV6250.4.W65 M437 2007 A memory, a monologue, a rant, and a prayer Ensler, Eve
HV6433.86 R54 2009 Defusing Armageddon : inside NEST, America's secret nuclear bomb squad Richelson, Jeffrey.
HV6437 .H34 2008 A world of gangs : armed young men and gangsta culture Hagedorn, John
HV6505 .L47 1995 Serial killers : the insatiable passion Lester, David
HV6529 .F69 1994 Overkill : mass murder and serial killing exposed Fox, James Alan
HV6529.H45 A67 1993 Probing the mind of a serial killer Apsche, Jack
HV8688 .W34 2008 Restorative justice, self-interest and responsible citizenship Walgrave, L.
HV8693 .C87 2009 Cruel and unusual : the culture of punishment in America Cusac, Anne-Marie
HV8699.U5   A725 2008 Race, class, and the death penalty : capital punishment in American history Allen, Howard W.
HV95 .H75 1992 Human services as complex organizations Hasenfeld, Yeheskel
JF2112.A4   W47 2009 Air wars : television advertising in election campaigns, 1952-2008 West, Darrell M.
K1519.B54 K64 2009 Who owns you? : the corporate gold-rush to patent your genes Koepsell, David R.
KF2995 .F53 1997 The copyright handbook : how to protect and use written works Fishman, Stephen
KF9350 .Z9 P63 2009 White collar crime in a nutshell Podgor, Ellen S.
KF9779 .S36 2008 Rethinking juvenile justice Scott, Elizabeth S.
KZ6385 .N44 2008 War and the law of nations : a general history Neff, Stephen C.
LB1047.3 .M33 2009 The literature review : six steps to success Machi, Lawrence A.
LB1631 .G75 2001 Writing from start to finish : a six-step guide Grenville, Kate
LB2806 .S38 2000 The lifeworld of leadership : creating culture, community, and personal meaning in our schools Sergiovanni, Thomas J.
ML385 .L396 2009 Hound dog : the Leiber & Stoller autobiography Leiber, Jerry
P94 .P63 2006 Amusing ourselves to death : public discourse in the age of show business Postman, Neil
PE1479.C7 K59 2004 An introduction to poetry : the river sings Knorr, Jeff
PE1505 .B16 2006 Writing metrical poetry : contemporary lessons for mastering traditional forms Baer, William
PE1505 .O35 1994 A poetry handbook Oliver, Mary
PE1505 .O37 1998 Rules for the dance : a handbook for writing and reading metrical verse Oliver, Mary
PN1021 .D78 2006 The poetry dictionary Drury, John
PN1040.A53 A75 2006 Poetics Aristotle
PN1040.A53 H35 1998 Aristotle's Poetics Halliwell, Stephen
PN1042 .N6 2006 Western wind : an introduction to poetry Mason, David,
PN1059.A9   D78 2006 Creating poetry Drury, John
PN1059.A9 L96 2007 Writing poetry from the inside out : finding your voice through the craft of poetry Lyne, Sandford
PN1059.A9 P7 1992 The Practice of poetry : writing exercises from poets who teach Behn, Robin
PN1059.M3  P59 2009 2009 poet's market /|cNancy Breen, editor.  
PN147   .O8 1999 A complete guide to writing for publication  
PN147 .W67 2005 Writer's Digest handbook of magazine article writing Ruberg, Michelle
PN153 .B95 2006 The complete idiot's guide to getting published Bykofsky, Sheree
PN153 .B95 2006 The complete idiot's guide to getting published Bykofsky, Sheree
PN1590.A9 B48 1997 Theatre audiences : a theory of production and reception Bennett, Susan
PN1631   .P513 1991 The theory and analysis of drama Pfister, Manfred
PN1655   .B74 1996 The empty space / Peter Brook. Brook, Peter
PN173.A7 R6 1984 Rhetoric Aristotle
PN1892 .K3 1979 Tragedy and philosophy Kaufmann, Walter Arnold
PN1892 .P66 2005 Tragedy : a very short introduction Poole, Adrian
PN1892 .R46 2008 Rethinking tragedy Felski, Rita
PN1892 .W28 2007 The Cambridge introduction to tragedy Wallace, Jennifer
PN1995.9.N38 M87 2009 Ecology and popular film : cinema on the edge Murray, Robin L.
PN1996 .T56 2002 Aristotle's poetics for screenwriters  Tierno, Michael
PN1998.3.V46   P38 2005 Paul Verhoeven  
PN2039   .P69 2008 Presence in play : a critique of theories of presence in the theatre Power, Cormac
PN2039 .C26 1993 Theories of the theatre  Carlson, Marvin A.
PN2101 .W54 2008 Living theatre : history of the theatre Wilson, Edwin
PN3383.C4 E34 2006 Writer's guide to character traits Edelstein, Linda
PN3383.C4 K76 2005 Characters, emotion & viewpoint Kress, Nancy.
PN3383.S42 R69 2005 Write great fiction : description & setting Rozelle, Ron
PN4390 .A76 1990 Studies in twentieth-century diaries : the concealed self Aronson, Alex
PN471 .L56 1991 Autobiographical voices : race, gender, self-portraiture Lionnet, Francoise
PN56.T68 E18 2003 Sweet violence : the idea of the tragic Eagleton, Terry
PN6014 .W34 1995 Western literature in a world context Davis, Paul B
PN6101 .N6 2007 The Norton introduction to poetry Hunter, J. Paul
PN6101 .P525 2007 Poetry : an introduction Meyer, Michael
PN6112 .K46 2003 Stages of drama : classical to contemporary theater Klaus, Carl H.
PN671 .L4 1994 The discarded image : an introduction to medieval and Renaissance literature Lewis, C. S.
PN674   .C82 1990 European literature and the Latin Middle Ages Curtius, Ernst Robert
PN681 .L4 1998 Studies in medieval and Renaissance literature Lewis, C. S.
PN682.C6   A433 1977 The allegory of love : a study in medieval tradition Lewis, C. S. 
PN685 .L3 1997 The Arthurian handbook Lacy, Norris J.
PN685 .P43 2003 Arthurian romance : a short introduction Pearsall, Derek Albert.
PN686.E46   L37 2006 King Arthur's enchantresses : Morgan and her sisters in Arthurian tradition Larrington, Carolyne
PN710 .G58 2005 The cult of the ego : the self in modern literature Goodheart, Eugene
PN761 .T68 1998 An introduction to modern European literature : from romanticism to postmodernism Travers, Martin
PN841 .T46 2007 Literary spaces : introduction to comparative Black literature Temple, Christel N.
PN85 .L49 1992 An experiment in criticism Lewis, C. S. 
PN863 .C585 2006 Comparative literature in an age of globalization Saussy, Haun
PN865 .B37 1993 Comparative literature : a critical introduction Bassnett, Susan
PN98.W64 C35 2006 The Cambridge companion to feminist literary theory Rooney, Ellen
PN98.W64 F366 1997 Feminisms : an anthology of literary theory and criticism Warhol-Down, Robyn
PN98.W64 F44 1996 Feminist literary theory : a reader Eagleton, Mary.
PQ1447.E5 K53 1991 Arthurian romances Chretien, de Troyes
PQ155.M27 L413 1992 The medieval imagination Le Goff, Jacques
PQ207 .M33 1998 The romance of adultery : queenship and sexual transgression in Old French literature McCracken, Peggy
PR1109  .N6 2006 The Norton anthology of English literature  
PR1110.W6 F46 2007 Feminist literary theory and criticism : a Norton reader Gilbert, Sandra M.
PR1120   .M373 1997 Medieval English literature  
PR115 .G5 2000 The madwoman in the attic Gilbert, Sandra M.
PR115 .S5 1999 A literature of their own : British women novelists from Bronte to Lessing Showalter, Elaine.
PR1175 .M275 2001 The making of a poem : a Norton anthology of poetic forms  
PR1175 .P6314 2002 Poems, poets, poetry : an introduction and anthology Vendler, Helen Hennessy.
PR1221   .E67 1997 The English romantics : major poetry and critical theory   
PR255 .B8 1982 Medieval writers and their work : Middle English literature and its background 1100-1500 Burrow, J. A.
PR275.L66 W75 2006 Writings on love in the English Middle Ages Cooney, Helen
PR321 .W47 2008 Understanding genre and medieval romance Whetter, K. S. 
PR428.S45 S54 2007 The self in early modern literature : for the common good Sherwood, Terry G. 
PR590   .B39 1971 The visionary company : a reading of English romantic poetry Bloom, Harold
PR590 .B387 1970 Romanticism and consciousness; essays in criticism. Bloom, Harold, comp.
PR6063.U7 E95 1999 Existentialists and mystics : writings on philosophy and literature Murdoch, Iris
PS255.N5 D66 2006 Don't ever get famous : essays on New York writing after the New York School Kane, Daniel
PS323.5 .B387 2003 The Cambridge introduction to twentieth-century American poetry Beach, Christopher
PS583 .O82 2006 The Oxford book of American poetry Lehman, David
PS589 .W77 2007 Word warriors : 25 women leaders in the spoken word revolution Olson, Alix
PS613 .M58 1989 Modern poems : a Norton introduction Ellmann, Richard
PS615 .V46 2003 The Vintage book of contemporary American poetry McClatchy, J. D.
PS617   .B47 2008 The best American poetry 2008  
Q175 .G7538 2009 Everyday practice of science : where intuition and passion meet objectivity and logic Grinnell, Frederick
Q175 .J69 2007 The joy of science  
QA29.C353 W55 2008 Lewis Carroll in numberland : his fantastical mathematical logical life : an agony in eight fits Wilson, Robin J.
QA29.N25 N37 1998 A beautiful mind : a biography of John Forbes Nash, Jr. Nasar, Sylvia
QA76.9.C66 A245 2008 Blown to bits : your life, liberty, and happiness after the digital explosion Abelson, Harold
QB280.5 .G37 2008 Flat earth : the history of an infamous idea Garwood, Christine
QB52 .K26 2009 The cosmic connection : how astronomical events impact life on Earth Kanipe, Jeff
QC981.8.C5 F329 2008 Facing climate change together Gautier, Catherine
QH366.2 .C74 2009 Why evolution is true Coyne, Jerry A.
QH588.S83 S7455 2008 Stem cells, human embryos and ethics : interdisciplinary perspectives Ostnor, Lars
QP251 .R568 2008 Bonk : the curious coupling of science and sex Roach, Mary
QP360 .B52 2008 Iconoclast : what neuroscience reveals about how they think differently Berns, Gregory
QP376 .L577 2007 The accidental mind Linden, David J.
QP411 .N599 2009 Out of our heads : why you are not your brain, and other lessons from the biology of consciousness Noe, Alva
R723.5  .G75 2008 How doctors think Groopman, Jerome E.
RA1057.55 .T78 2008 Truth machine : the contentious history of DNA fingerprinting Lynch, Michael
RA1148 .E98 2008 Evolutionary forensic psychology Duntley, Joshua
RA448.4 .P38 2008 Health care in America : separate and unequal Patel, Kant
RA601.5 .S28 2008 Food alert! : the ultimate sourcebook for food safety Satin, Morton
RA777.3 .O9 2006 The dorm room diet Oz, Daphne
RB155 .G53 2009 It takes a genome : how a clash between our genes and modern life is making us sick Gibson, Greg
RC443 .E54 2008 American therapy : the rise of psychotherapy in the United States Engel, Jonathan
RC443 .T67 2008 The insanity offense Torrey, E. Fuller
RC451.4.W6 F4 1987 The female malady : women, madness and English culture 1830-1980 Showalter, Elaine
RC537 .S52 2009 Before Prozac : the troubled history of mood disorders in psychiatry Shorter, Edward
RC569.5.V55 V65 1995 Neurobiology of violence Volavka, Jan
RJ506.A9 O34 2008 Autism's false prophets : bad science, risky medicine, and the search for a cure Offit, Paul A.
RM222.2 .Y683 2005 The portion teller plan : the no-diet reality guide to eating, cheating, and losing weight permanently Young, Lisa R.
RM666.C266 C53 2008 Dying to get high : marijuana as medicine Chapkis, W. (Wendy)
RM930 .E52 2006 Enabling independence : a guide for rehabilitation workers Mackey, Hazel
RM930.8 .F85 1997 Functional assessment and outcome measures for the rehabilitation health professional Dittmar, Sharon S.
SB455   .K48 2001 My garden (book) Kincaid, Jamaica
SB455 .M9 1998 My favorite plant : writers and gardeners on the plants they love Kincaid, Jamaica
T20 .K585 2008 The power makers : steam, electricity, and the men who invented modern America Klein, Maury
TK16   .S35 2006 Draw the lightning down : Benjamin Franklin and electrical technology in the Age of Enlightenment Schiffer, Michael B.
TR465  .E53 2005 The encyclopedia of scrapbooking.  
TR820.5   .S912 2005 Between the eyes : essays on photography and politics Strauss, David Levi
TT872 .B73 2007 Card design : rubber stamping with colored pencils and watercolors Brethauer, Dave
TT872 .T73 2006 Simply cards Traidman, Sally
TX353 .T6413 2009 A history of food Toussaint-Samat, Maguelonne
Z665 .B92 2008 Self-examination : the present and future of librarianship Budd, John