While a concentration allows you to focus your coursework within your major, a minor allows you to pursue an area of interest beyond your major. A minor provides you the opportunity to gain knowledge in a field outside of your major. Students who choose to pursue minors often do so to complement their existing course of study and as a means to increase their marketability. Students enrolled in the human services degree program who wish to pursue a minor may do so by applying to the department holding the minor.
A student wishing to pursue a minor will need to have achieved sophomore status and obtained the written permission of both the student’s own division chair and the chair of the division offering the minor. The student must achieve a grade of “C” or better in all courses to be used as part of the minor. 

HS 101
Introduction to Human Services
HS/RH 203
Introduction to Counseling
HS/PSY 205
Interpersonal Communication and Effectiveness
HS/RH 310         
Human Service Ethics
Upper Division Human Service Elective
Upper Division Human Service Elective