Blackboard is the College's online courseware.  The courseware is used for online classes as well as offline and on-campus courses.  Blackboard serves as a repository for materials, lectures, grades, and any other content the course instructor elects to place on the site. 

Access to Blackboard is coordinated through the same user name and password used to access the school's network, but omits the "" portion of the username.

To access Blackboard, click here:

Frequently Asked Blackboard Questions:


I'm signed up for course X, but it's not appearing on Blackboard.  Can you add it?

  • During the drop/add period, it may take 24 hours for your class to be added.  If after two days your class is still missing, please stop in.  Please bring your registration information.

Isn't Blackboard mail ( and Hilbert Email ( the same?

  • No.  They are seperate messaging servers and services.  Blackboard uses an internal messaging system that remains within that system.  Hilbert Email is email that is connected with the Internet outside of the college.  There, you can send mail internal to the college (e.g., a professor) send mail to a job recruiter on the outside, or even friends and family.  When someone emails you at, the Hilbert Email inbox is where it will end up.

I cannot login to Blackboard.

  • You will not have access to Blackboard until you have successfully registered for a course(s). After doing so, your Hilbert login credentials will give you automatic access to your course information.