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Full-Time Faculty

 Amy Smith, Ph.D.
Division Chair of Arts and Sciences
Professor of English
161 Paczesny Hall
649-7900, ext. 354

 Michael Degnan, Ph.D.
Professor of English
105B Bogel Hall
649-7900, ext. 242

I have been teaching at Hilbert College for over thirty years, with a special focus on American literature.
I have also taught courses in basic and advanced writing, public speaking, Shakespeare, the novel as genre, world mythology, and Irish literature. Over the years, I have received a Hilbert Teacher of the Year award and a New York State English Council Teacher of Excellence award. More...
Taylor Doherty
Assistant Professor of Theatre and Digital Media
162 Paczesny Hall
649-7900, ext. 423

Charles Ernst, Ph.D.
Professor of English
152 Paczesny Hall
649-7900, ext. 315

I have been teaching for several decades, concentrating in literatures both early and recent, along with courses in writing, speech, and general studies. I have held faculty positions at Canisius College and Hilbert College, with short stints earlier in my career with Empire State College, Buffalo State College, and the teaching program at Attica State Prison. More...

 Marne Griffin
Assistant Professor of English
108 Bogel Hall
649-7900, ext. 268

I have been teaching at the college level for the last 11 years, specializing in the areas of freshmen courses and writing. 


Anthony Hughes, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English
116 Bogel Hall
649-7900, ext. 226

Herb Kauderer
Assistant Professor of English
137 Bogel Hall
649-7900, ext. 389

Emily Ryan Radder
Writing Coordinator/Adjunct
117 Bogel Hall
649-7900, ext. 415

Megan Burke Witzleben, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English
Bogel 115
649-7900, ext. 387