Giving Outright Gifts



Outright Gifts

When you make an outright gift to Hilbert College, we can put your generous donation to work immediately. Outright gifts include gifts of cash, securities, and real and personal property.

Gifts of Cash
Gifts of cash offer Hilbert immediate financial support and allow a tax deduction to the extent permitted by current tax laws.

Gifts of Securities
If timed and planned carefully, the transfer of appreciated stocks or bonds is one of the most advantageous ways to give.

Gifts of Real Property
Many donors contribute land, buildings, leases, mineral rights, or other property that have substantially increased in value.

Gifts of Personal Property
Gifts of antiques, paintings, jewelry, and other items, including equipment, can also offer significant tax benefits.

Please contact us for more information.

Gregg Fort
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
(716) 649-7900, ext. 302