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The concept of developing a way for parents and students to get a ballpark estimate of the net cost to attend college is now a federal requirement. However, there a limits as to how far the net price Jim Sturm, Dean of Students and Vice Provost for Leadershipcalculator can go in providing that information. As a result, we have created a series of work sheets (STEPS) to fine tune your information. I encourage you to complete all the (STEPS) to get a true understanding of how to finance a college education.  

Nothing can take the place of sitting down with a staff member from the office of student financial services. They are available to meet with you and walk you through the entire financial aid process. They can be contacted at 716-649-7900 or  studentfinance@hilbert.edu


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The net price calculator is designed for students applying to the traditional undergraduate programs. As a result, this is of no value to ADP or graduate students.