Leadership and Student Engagement

   "From day one on campus at orientation, I heard from fellow students and faculty 'getting involved at Hilbert is the best thing you can do here.' Now I am one of those people that says the same thing to incoming freshman at orientation each summer. I am so thankful that I got involved with such a variety of things on campus such as the Peer Leader Program, SIFE, and events put on by Student Life and the Institutional Advancement offices. These things have expanded my knowledge, leadership skills, communication skills, and improved my overall experience at Hilbert College. I am so thankful for the experiences I have had, friends I have met, and the memories I have made here at Hilbert College by getting involved. "
Caitlin Queen, Class of 2015


 "Being involved on campus and with various leadership positions has helped me tremendously not only as a student at Hilbert College but as a young professional moving forward.  My experiences have helped me to break out of my shell and expand my comfort zone to limits I never thought possible.  My involvement on campus has also given me the tools necessary to lead a group of people in a fair but effective way and has resulted in me becoming a much more well rounded student, person, and professional. "
Alexander Wisner, Class of 2015


At Hilbert, classes are only half the story.  The Office of Leadership and Student Engagement offers a myriad of opportunities to help you meet new friends, develop your leadership skills, get involved on campus, make a difference in the community, or build a great resume.

From athletics, activities on campus and off, student organizations, and local attractions, college at Hilbert offers you a chance to learn more about yourself and those around you, and have some fun! Get involved, be active and expand your world!

Denise Harris
Vice Provost for Student Engagement

Jim Sturm
Vice Provost for Leadership Development and Dean of Students

5200 South Park Ave.
Hamburg, NY 14075
107 Franciscan Hall
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Office Hours:
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